Bigg Boss 3 is off to a dramatic start and much anticipated first eviction happened last Sunday. Fathima Babu who entered the Bigg Boss house as the first contestant and was eventually the first contestant to be eliminated from the house as well. Jaangri Madhumitha who was the most voted contestant for eviction emerged with the most number of votes from the audience prooving the housemates that there is something wrong with their perception over Madhumitha.

With the show entering its third week there are some interesting battles going on inside the house. Vijay TV has released a new promo for the 4th of July. In the new promo, Shakshi was seen accusing Kavin of changing his nature and looking to be more nicer to Losliya who has a huge fan base. The interesting promo is the trending video on the internet now!

Bigg Boss 3 - 8th July 2019 | Promo 2