The environment in Tamil Nadu has been rather tense for well over a year with major political developments taking place. Six-time National Award-winning director yesterday launched a scathing attack on 'Superstar' Rajinikanth branding him as the Saffron ambassador of Karnataka.

It must be noted Rajinikanth had few days back tweeted on his Twitter page the attack on police personnel regarding the IPL protests, which has drawn sharp criticism from Bharathiraja and few other reputed Tamil film industry celebrities.

In his latest statement, Bharathiraja has questioned Rajinikanth on why he chose to remain silent over the methane and neutrino protests or against the Tamils massacred in Sri Lanka and his decision to keep quiet when properties of Tamilians were destroyed by Kannadigas over the Cauvery protests.

The iconic director went on to lash out against Rajinikanth calling his statements as mere gimmicks for his political ambitions during the time of his films’ release and is only being disloyal to his fans, who pay in crores to watch his movies.

Furthermore, Bharathiraja went on to issue a warning to Rajinikanth that he should not mislead Tamil people in the future or they will teach him a lesson soon.

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