Veteran actor and filmmaker K. Bhagyaraj established himself as one of the most reputed names in the Indian film industry over the years. That said, the South Indian Film Writers Association President has been at the center of the controversy surrounding 'Thalapathy' Vijay's Sarkar over the past few days. Now, the acclaimed star has issued a detailed press statement announcing his resignation from his post with the Writers Association. 

K Bhagyaraj

Bhagyaraj’s statement is as follows:

"Respected members of the South Indian Film Writers Association,

I was chosen to be the President of the South Indian Film Writers Association without contesting in any elections with your strong support. I welcomed the decision and worked with integrity. When the Sarkar controversy had come our way, all the members including myself worked to our best abilities.

Having said that, I came across many difficulties while dealing with this issue. I believe the main reason for this is as a result of not contesting in the elections and being chosen as the President of Writers Association unanimously. However, I have decided to contest in the elections, be judged the winner and then work in the designation."

K Bhagyaraj

Bhagyaraj further added, "I feel it is not right on my part to divulge details regarding the troubling issues I have faced in light of the Writers Association’s welfare. I also spoke with director A. R. Murugadoss personally, but he wanted to sort out the issue legally at the court. As a result, I had no choice and was pushed to a point where I had to reveal the plot of Sarkar, the venture of the esteemed production house, Sun Pictures. However, I recognize my mistake and convey my heartfelt apologies for revealing the story of Sarkar.

I hereby tender my resignation from the post of President of the South Indian Writers Association."