Mysskin's upcoming film Savarakaththi (which translates to Barber Knife) has a song dedicated to all barbers. This song, which is named as the ‘Barber Anthem’ will be launched on 4th August, 2016. Mysskin has written and sung this song whose music is composed by Arrol Corelli.

The director of the film, GR Aathiyaa said, "“We wanted to dedicate a song for the Barbers who give us the beautiful look with their ‘Savarakkathi’ and that’s how the song shaped up. Razor sharp knives are used by criminals and others for assaulting people from ancient times. But there is one razor knife which is used to beautify people and that is ‘Savarakaththi’. We are releasing this song on YouTube and other Social Media on August 4th, 2016. Many ordinary people appear in the song video along with some of the important celebrities of Tamil. We are glad to say that this is the first ever song in the history of India which is dedicated to our barber brothers…”