Two maverick directors Bala and Bharathiraja are involved in a verbal spat over the story of Kuttraparambarai, a story set in the pre-independence era that narrates about the lives of a fading tribal community who are professional thieves. Ace writer and Bharathiraja's close associate Rathnakumar and writer-turned-actor Vela Ramamoorthy claim that Kuttra Parambarai is their story. In an interview to a leading daily, Rathnakumar revealed that they have already approached Sivaji and Sarathkumar to play the lead role, however, due to Sivaji's ill health the shooting was stalled. Director Bharathiraja has also kickstarted the project officially in Usilampatti recently.

Now its Bala's turn, in a press meet, the Avan Ivan director clarified his stand on the issue. He said that his story is totally different from Kuttraparambarai and he is only taking a branch from Vela Ramamurthy's Kootanchoru. "I am warning Bharathiraja and Rathnakumar to refrain from using my name," he added. He further said that Kuttraparambarai is history and no one can claim ownership for it. When asked about Bharathiraja's comments on casting other language actors (Arya, Vishal) in the film, Bala said, "Cinema is a world language and to differentiate cinema on the basis of linguistic, religion or geography is a disgusting thought."

Bala also confirmed that he will be going ahead with the project and it will not be based on any story. It would rather base on his take on the history (an adaptation of a branch-story from Kootanchoru by Vela Ramamurthy).