There was a time when heroines were said to have a short lifespan but today it is a different scenario. It is hard even for a hero to sustain his position but some heroines do it with so much ease. Anushka Shetty is one such actor who always surprises you, be it with the script or her character. Irrespectible of the budget, it is the choice of her characters and the way she effortlessly portrays it, that catches our attention. With the recent Bhaagamathie poster release, she has only raised our expectation from her. Recollecting some stunning characterisations that she has portrayed so far:

1. Arundhathi - Arundhathi

2. Devasena - Baahubali

3. Saroja - Vaanam

4. Sweety - Size Zero

5. Rudhramadevi - Rudhramadevi