Director Balumahendra, one of the pillars of Tamil Cinema who re-structured the format of Tamil Cinema was a passionate cinematographer and film maker. The veteran passed away in 2014 (aged 74) and left a big vacuum in the hearts of Tamil Cinema fans.

His contribution to Tamil Cinema is enormous and many have longed to learn from the legend. Even today, he is an inspiration to many directors. His work has been noticed by many and he has been recognized with many awards including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Many of his films have been appreciated by fans and critics including his last film Thalaimuraigal which he once quoted that it will be a trend setter and will take 25 years to understand the movie. It is not surprising that his students and fans are still missing him and they are paying their respect to him today, as he left us the same day last year.

The anjali function is being held in AVM and named as Engal Asaanukku anjali between 10 am to 1 pm. Thalaimuraigal movie will be screened and director Vetrimaran and others will attend the function.