Looks like the Beep song controversy is refusing to die. The latest to lash out at the controversial song is veteran actor and Anirudh's uncle YG Mahendran. In a press note, the actor termed the songs as 'bullshit' and also urged authorities to find the real hands behind the song. However, he also clarified that Anirudh is no way connected to this song.

The veteran actor wrote, "Anirudh has clearly mentioned in a communique that he is in no way connected to this song. So much as I condemn this crap of a song. I think we should find out who is really is responsible for this nonsense of a song. There is neither sense nor melody in this piece of shit. It will only make children ask Wats the word hidden in the beep and we elders will be embarrassed . Why was this song even necessary...whether leaked or not only a sick mind can conceive such bullshit.... Kannadasan must be squirming in his grave. But before blaming anyone please find out who was actually responsible for this atrocious song and then of course Hang Them."