It’s pretty much next to impossible to look at Bollywood actor Sunny Leone and not take notice of her.

Sunny Leone, who is at present undergoing training for her upcoming Tamil-Telugu bilingual Veeramadevi under V C Vadivudayan’s direction will be working on the film for 150 days without taking up any further commitments.

In the meantime, a 45-year old farmer named Ankinapally Chenchu Reddy hailing from the Banda Kindi Palle village in Andhra Pradesh had erected a Sunny Leone poster that has the star striking a pose in a red bikini. When asked the reason behind such an action, he stated it was in order to ward off the "evil eyes" of his fellow villagers from his vegetable crop field.

Chenchu has spoken out saying he has seen a good harvest so far this season in his crop field and this is unnecessarily attracting the jealousy of his fellow villagers. In order to keep them out from cursing his growing success, he decided to bring Sunny Leone into the picture by putting up a poster that in turn now is serving as a big distraction.

As for the question of opposition in the form of action from agriculture officials or the police, Chenchu states they don’t usually come to address the problems of the villagers and them raising any objection is not what he is expecting.

Indeed, Sunny Leone has done this farmer a big favor.