Probably Akshay Kumar is one of the few actors who get to don the hero and villain roles simultaneously in 2 different projects. Enthiran 2.0 by Shankar and Padman by Balki are completely of two different genres.

Enthiran 2.0 is sci-fi and Padman is comedy drama portraying Akshay in 2 completely different shades. There have been lot of updates on these movies through out and like Akshay, Superstar Rajinikanth is also working on director Pa Ranjith's Kaala simultaneously. Now that fans are updated with both the movies, the next expectation is to know when the movie will get released.

Enthiran 2.0 is expected to hit the screens on Jan 26, 2018 if the VFX works are completed. Looks like Padman will also hit the screens on the same day. So, Akshay has cleared the air now stating that the first preference will be for Enthiran 2.0 and Padman will release only if 2.0 is delayed.