If there’s one thing fans are well aware about 'Thala' Ajith, it is his passion to learn something new and that is once again evident now as the superstar has been appointed the Helicopter Test Pilot and UAV System Adviser by the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT).

Ajith will primarily be aiding MIT to launch advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) as part of the Medical Express-2018 UAV Challenge competition with the final round to take place in September in Queensland, Australia.

The actor had taken an instant liking to aero-modelling early in his school days with the passion only growing tenfold over the years.

It must be noted Ajith offered to participate in MIT’s Team Daksha for the UAV Challenge. The actor's appointment was given the green signal by Anna University on Thursday, who will now receive a salary of Rs. 1,000/visit, which he will be donating towards the education of less-privileged and poorer students studying at the MIT. 

Speaking about the UAV challenge, the Associate Professor & Director in-charge of Centre for Aerospace Research (CASR), Dr. K. Senthilkumar stated the event in Australia takes place every year and is sponsored by a group of industry, government and research agencies for which over hundred countries had participated of which fifty five have progressed to the second round this year.

He further went on to state Ajith’s proficiency in the design and operation of aerial vehicles will only further bolster their chances in bringing to light their technology.

As part of the UAV challenge, a drone will be required to be flown from a laboratory to a patient stationed as far as 30 kms away and then pick up blood samples before returning to the starting point.

The objective of this mission will mainly be to use drones to aid patients who are left without the means to move anywhere in case they are in trouble during the floods.

On the acting front, Ajith is expected to begin his upcoming film Viswasam under Siva’s direction opposite Nayanthara starting next week.

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