Director Gopi Nainar made a very impressive debut with Nayanthara's Aramm which hit the screens in 2017. Before Gopi made his directorial debut, he was in the limelight for quite some time as he was being ridiculed for claiming that the story of Kaththi, Vijay's blockbuster film with AR Murugadoss, actually belonged to him. Breaking all that, Gopi turned out as a competent storyteller with his debut film and the film showered all praises. He is now currently working on his next project with actor Jai playing the main lead and the film is titled Karuppar Nagaram. It is to be noted that there have been allegations that Ranjith’s Madras was lifted from Gopi’s Karuppar Nagaram, but neither of them had come out, talking about this. 

Putting all that aside, retaining the same title, it was said that the film went floors in the latter half of 2018 and yesterday, 12th February actor Jai in a press meet with the media confirmed the news and shared some exclusive details about this interesting project. There have been various theories about what the crux of the film will be. Read along to know more on this!

"The film is titled Karuppar Nagaram and it will carry a storyline based on football played in the slum regions of Chennai also known as North Madras. The film will neatly differentiate between the game football played in slum regions to that compared to World football. Jai is reportedly playing an IT professional, who plays football for passion and the actor has been practicing the football for the last 3 months. Actress Aishwarya Rajesh is touted to be playing an important role in this movie, which will see Mahima Nambiar playing Jai's pair. Adding to that Danny of Bigg Boss fame is playing Jai's friend in the movie. Karuppar Nagaram is said to be set in 3 different platforms - a football ground, a political setup, and a jail portion. Jai also confirmed that there will be a wall sequence driving the film along similar to that of PA Ranjith's Madras.