An important message told through Amala Paul's commendable effort and technical brilliance!

If a first look poster garnered so much attention in the recent times, it should definitely be Aadai. This Amala Paul starrer is highly anticipated, especially among the youngsters. Among huge buzz and criticism, Aadai has now released and here is our review.

Kaamini (Amala Paul) is a feminist and a girl who goes by her heart. She is someone who would go to any extent to win on a bet. By doing this, she indirectly hurts people and their emotions. She and her gang of friends decide to party one night and they get high with drinks and drugs. The next day morning, Kaamini is naked and she is shocked to see herself in that state. What happened that night and how did she come out of that state, forms the rest of the plot.
Amala Paul Aadai
Amala Paul is a true star who's broken the barriers with this film. She has gone a step higher to deliver the intensity, the character Kaamini owns. Kudos to Amala Paul for an impactful performance as she takes the film forward with complete conviction. Special applauds for her mental strength to appear naked on screen. If not for her, this film wouldn't have happened and Tamil cinema audience would have missed a unique experience. Vivek Prasanna, Ramya VJ, and others do well with their limited screen presence. The first half is quite engagingly packed and you have a lot of fresh and funny moments. The establishment of characters take place in the first half, while the second half takes you into the core premise and the conflict.
Amala Paul nude Aadai
Rathna Kumar has a noble message to tell and it is conveyed well to an extent. First things first, the comedy scenes have a sense of freshness. The climax revelation is noteworthy and it is something that needs to be told. The solid climax sequence is a major asset for the film. The feminism angle travels as an undercurrent line throughout the film.
Amala Paul Aadai
There are a lot of nail biting sequences which make you hooked to your seat, and one such example would be the dog chase sequence. The film is strictly for youngsters and it is doubtful if other age groups will enjoy the film. The second half is too long and it becomes testing after a certain point of time. Ofcourse, the team has taken a few cinematic liberties to create sympathy on the protagonist.
Amala Paul Aadai poster
The core idea and Amala Paul's gutsy move is exciting, but the reasoning that goes behind her naked state might look flat for a set of audience. One would wonder if this was needed to be done to make one realize about her own self. The character detailing of Amala Paul is not completely clear. Also, the writing had a few lags in the latter half which might reduce the impact for a few. Vijay Kartik Kannan is a super talent and his taste for colors is impressive.
Amala Paul Ramya lip kiss
The entire film is aesthetically shot and ample amount of credits to the team. Pradeep Kumar and Oorka band's music stands tall and it transfers the tension to the audience. The editing is commendable that suffixes the film's setting. Rathnakumar's idea and thought process, along with the execution is appreciable. One would have loved it if the work was done to perfection.! Nevertheless, a commendable effort put up by the makers!

Rating: 2.75/5