The film industry, be it the directors or the producers often complain that audience are no longer interested in quality content. That films don’t run more than 3 days in theaters. In the era of multiplex, a film like Baahubali 2 broke every record and has grossed over Rs. 1500 crores in India and occupied all screens for more than a month.

In Tamil, films with quality content like Maanagaram, D16, 8 Thottakal successfully ran weeks and made so much money which even big budget, star films couldn’t make! The recently released Maragatha Naanayam is going on a strong run but within three days, Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan is off the main screens.

Is it because STR didn’t act well or director Aadhik didn’t do his script genuinely? The reasons are plenty but there’s one common line which is a lesson for all actors. If they are going to treat fans like they are unaware of their surroundings and blinded by fandom, the movies will fail miserably. Cinema industry is just like any other job where hard and sincere work pays off!

Be it Thala or Thalapathy, as long as the movie has good content and not tries to cater to the meager number of blind fans, it would break box office records and make everyone involved in the business happy.

Bollywood has embraced script writers and came up with a movie like Dangal that earned Rs. 2000 crore, Malayalam film industry always relies on best scripts and if Kollywood follow the step while keeping budget under control, it’s sure to be a lucrative and reliable profession for everyone. Actors and technicians can put their best while there will be plenty of space for both medium and high budget ventures.