We had reported earlier that Kajal Aggarwal is all set to play Kangana Ranaut's iconic role in the Tamil remake of 'Queen'. While the film had an amazing reception in Bollywood, and the expectations among Kollywood audience have been sky high, ever since the announcement was made.

Something we noticed while analyzing Kangana's portrayal of Rani is that, Kajal would infact be the perfect fit to play Rani in Tamil. Are you wondering why? Well, we found out that Kajal has already played roles in movies that are in line with the prominantly seen characteristics of Kangana's Rani. 

Let us explain this.. 

1. Queen has Rani falling for a bad (at heart) guy, and they don't have the typical "Happily ever after" ending, either..


Well, remember Kajal's role in Maari?


2. Rani essentially went from being an underconfident girl to a strong woman!


Kajal's dual roles in Maaveeran had one vulnerable while another, strong!


3. And finally, Rani loves to dance! She's got her moves right, throughout the movie...


And, need we say more about Kajal?


Well, with all these figured out, we couldn't but be happy about the choice of actress to play our favourite Rani! Let's wait and watch all the action on screen, real soon!