There was a time when trailers made it big and dragged people to the theatres. Then, it became teasers and then music was the pulse of the movie. People even believed that if the album was hit, the movie is going to make it big in the theatres. Now, times have changed! The first look poster of the movie is where the connect starts for the audience.

Meticulous effort goes in designing the first look poster which is what the audience refer to unless the movie is released. Special photoshoots and desigining is done and even the launch of the first look is planned well. Last week, 3 posters hooked people and increased curiosity about the movie.

1. Bhaagamathie - Anushka - UV Creations

2. Varma - Dhruv Vikram - E4 Entertainment

3. Aruvi - Aditi Balan - Dream Warrior Pictures

Interestingly, all these 3 posters carry the lady leads and they turned heads for sure!