Suseenthiran is having a tough time finding a hit film after starting off his career on a high. The success of sports-based films like Eetti, Kanaa, and Irudhi Suttru must have prompted Suseenthiran to embark upon a similar subject to what he did in Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu. However, this time around, the crew has taken the Kabadi story in a different format with Sasikumar and Bharathiraja marshalling a young Tamil Nadu women’s team. The film talks about various issues related to the women’s Kabadi team like politics in sports, state discrimination, shady behavior of players and ego related problems between coaches. But the main problem here is all these concepts have been dealt in a surface level. As a result, there was hardly any impact and you could never connect with the script on an emotional level.

Suseenthiran’s eye to detail was evident in all his initial films except for Rajapattai but none of his recent films have any detailing. Kennedy Club is not a bad film but it lacks originality and freshness. It looked like the team had borrowed 2 scenes each from the popular sport’s films that have been released in the recent times from Chak De! India to Dangal. Sasikumar and Bharthiraja have tried their best to give life to their respective roles but their scope is very limited even though they travel throughout the film. The Kabbadi matches looked very real and were captured so well. All the players have performed so well and to their fullest potential. Given all the effort, they should have taken adequate care to narrate the film more interestingly.

Though, the second half was fully packed with Kabbadi matches, it hardly hindered the pace of the film, in fact, those matches were the only positives you could take back home. The Kabadi matches are picturized so lively and interesting especially the climax portion is intriguing and quite different from other Kabbadi movies. Generally, the climax for any Kabbadi based movie will be based on the offence but whereas here, the director had gone with a heroic defensive play as his climax sequence which turns out to be a masterstroke. D Imman sparkles with his background score which gels well with the movie. Camera work by Gurudev meets the requirements.