Kadaram Kondan was a film that made the noise right from its very first announcement because of the names involved in the project. With Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan deciding to collaborate with ace actor Vikram for a film, Kadaram Kondan started off on the right note. Bankrolled by Raajkamal Films International, Kadaram Kondan is Chiyaan's next release in K-town after Saamy 2. This film is directed by Kamal's former associate, Rajesh M Selva of Thoongavanam fame and features Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan, in pivotal roles.

KK (Chiyaan Vikram) has a hidden identity and he sets out on a mission assigned to him. What was the mission and how does it affect the lives of a young couple, Vasu (Abi Hassan) and his pregnant wife, Aathirah (Akshara Haasan)? Get to watch the film to know the answer to this.

Vikram is a proven actor and he aces the role of KK with perfection. The style and charisma that he exhibits is very impressive and he is a delight to watch. He owns the screen with his presence. The suave actor also scores a century with his action moves. Not to forget the fitness goals set by him! However, we cannot skip this review without worrying about the less screentime of Vikram. Being the protagonist, you'd want him to take the driver's seat, but that doesn't happen. Having said that, his fans might be disappointed. 

Akshara Haasan delivers a neat performance and her innocence brings life to the character. Abi Hassan has got a good start and he looks to be an actor with great potential. Kadaram Kondan is a good launch for the young talent and we hope to see more of him. The chemistry between the duo works and their emotions looked heartwarming.

The first half keeps you completely engaged and the moments are tightly packed. However, you don't see much of Vikram in this half. He is put to rest for the major part. The latter half of the film, where the makers set into the core plot, is a bit hurried and confused. The core premise and the conflict will look unclear for a set of audience. With the entire film taking place in Malaysia and the actors having only action for most part, the chances of understanding the story is lesser.

There is too much of action and complex sequence of scenes which might alienate the audience from the characters. The logic definitely takes a back seat and there are a lot of scenes which support your feeling. Vasu gets severely injured on his head in a gunshot sequence, but you don't see any traces of that injury in the very next scene. He is totally normal?! Also, at times, one would feel if you're watching a GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game as you see, both KK and Vasu randomly take the cars and bikes, throwing out the actual owners.

KK and Vasu's faces are constantly on the news channels, and both of them are inside the police station, but no cop identifies them? Also, there is not much impact after you come out of the theatre. The brutal violence against a pregnant woman is disturbing to watch and the intensity of that could have been reduced. The film's runtime is a huge plus and the proceedings are put together in an engaging fashion.

Director Rajesh M Selva deserves applause for executing this film set in abroad. The scenes are well-executed and the shots don't look clumsy as such. However, the right packaging and an even more stronger writing was needed to give the completeness. Ghibran's music uplifts the overall mood of the film and he has a sizable share in keeping the film intact. He fires in a totally different league and his score is truly international. Srinivas Gutha's visuals are rich and classy and he maintains the correct balance through his work. Special credits to the stunt department who has done an appreciable job.