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Eeswaran Movie Review

Eeswaran Movie Cast & Crew

Production : Madhav Media
Director : Suseenthiran
Music Director : Thaman S

An actor who polarises opinion among the Kollywood fans but somebody who has proven time and again his talents, is STR! His movie Eeswaran, with director Susienthiran, has hit the theatres for this Pongal, alongside Thalapathy Vijay's Master! These two movies are touted to be the heralds for the revival of the entire Cinema industry and the theatre-going experience! Produced by Balaji Kapa, KV Durai and MD Sharfudeen, Eeswaran also stars Bharathiraja, Nidhhi Agerwal, Nandita Swetha and a whole host of others, with music by Thaman, cinematography by Tirru and editing by Anthony!

Periyasamy (Bharathiraja) and his wife Paappathi are living a very peaceful life in a village near Palani, along with their 3 sons and a daughter. However, astrologer Kaali foretells imminent doom in the family and as predicted, there is a death in the household. A family that was closely knit for about two decades, falls apart due to some internal issues. Periyasamy is left alone in his village and his children and grandchildren are elsewhere. Eeswaran, an energetic young man, comes into Periyasamy's life and helps him to get his family back. However, the astrologer Kaali again predicts that a life will be lost in the family. Eeswaran is not who he claims to be.

One of Periyasamy's family members has a secret agenda while Periyasamy himself has a long lost secret. All this on one side, Rathnasamy holds a deep grudge against Periyasamy and his entire family and wants to kill them all. Will the astrologer's prediction come true? Whose life is at stake? What are the secrets, each person has? How will these secrets affect Periyasamy's family? Will Rathnasamy get his revenge? Watch Eeswaran for the answers...

One thing that stands out through the movie is the massive transformation that STR has gone through. He looks as fit as a fiddle and it shows in his energy levels throughout the movie. As Eeswaran, STR has gotten a chance to perform like in the movies of his early days in the industry, like Kutthu, Alai and Dhum, and he makes full use of it! Some finger movements & heavy punch-dialogues, which used to be STR's signatures in his earlier movies, make a comeback in Eeswaran! STR shines in each frame he is a part of and his chemistry with the veteran Bharathiraja, is endearing. Bharathiraja has quite a role and aces it with all his experience.

Nidhhi Agerwal is cute and bubbly and looks refreshing in the screen space she has. Nandita Swetha looks ravishing but has very little scope. Bala Saravanan has gotten a meaty role and has performed well, but the comedy scenes don't work mostly because of the writing. Munishkanth is exploring his dimensions as an actor and has showcased a new side to his acting. Kaali Venkat, though having a very small role, can be considered to be one of the most vital roles in the movie. Unfortunately, talented performers like Aruldoss, Harish Uthaman, Manoj Bharathiraja, Vinodhini and a number of others have been wasted, with not much scope to perform.

Overall, Eeswaran can be considered a family drama but there seems to be something lacking in the rooting of the family. There is not enough character establishment, except for a few characters. The long-drawn out introduction scene, highly predictable suspense sequences, a little over-acting to establish the seriousness of the astrologer, too many sub plots, all add to the negatives. Even the menacing villain, despite a very convincing performance, seems to have been let down by some lackadaisical writing. However, some of the biggest positives for the movie are STR, Bharathiraja, the runtime and some unexpected twists! The treatment of the love angle, is also quite different.

Thaman's songs are sure to have the viewers foot-tapping and the BGM is pulsating in places but falls a bit flat, overall. STR fans are sure to have quite a treat in the theatres, seeing the vintage STR rocking on the big screens again. The sudden reference to "Asuran" and the punch that follows, seems to have been force-fit. Logic goes amiss in a few places, especially the climax but not too much should be looked into, in a proper commercial entertainer. STR is back with a bang but Susienthiran could have utilised him better!

Verdict: STR shines in an otherwise inconsistent film with a number of flaws!

Galatta Rating: ( 2.25 /5.0 )

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