Rakshit Shetty owns a humongous fan base and he's earned that through his diversifying performances and innovative creations. Avane Srimannarayana is the latest addition to his pocket of impressive films that will go down as one of the most entertaining films of the year. The film's trailer was promising and looked whacky and crazy with interesting content. Has the film lived up to the expectations? Read on to know our take on the film!

As the film starts, we are transported into the world of Amaravati where a treasure has been looted by a drama troupe, but which goes missing. Unable to find the treasure for years, the King of Abhiras tribe, Rama Ram (Madhusudhan Rao) states that whoever finds the treasure will be his successor and will sit in the throne. His two sons Jairam (Balaji Manohar) and Tukaram (Pramod Shetty) search for the lost treasure separately as both of them fight for the throne. And there enters our protagonist Sriman Narayana (Rakshit Shetty) who assures both, Jairam and Tukaram, that he will find the lost treasure. How did Sriman Narayana find the treasure and what problematic encounters that he faced during the course of the search form the premise.

Rakshit Shetty is blazing all through the film with his energetic and lively performance. He holds the film with his empowering and delightful screen presence. It is his energy and charisma that takes the film forward. He strikes exorbitantly with a very balancing and impressive act as Sriman Narayana and he owns the role completely. The craziness he brings through the character is fun-filled and enjoyable to watch. Rakshit scores not only in action moves but also through his comic body language and casual one-liners that help in laughter.

Shanvi Srivastava makes good use of her character and displays her potential neatly. Balaji Manohar as the main antagonist shows the evilness through his eyes and he is impressive. Achyuth Kumar as Rakshit’s sidekick is funny and scores wherever he gets to. Rest of the actors do what is expected of them.

The film majorly manages to engage the audience as there are ample moments that keep you hooked. There is something happening every moment and hence the film demands your concentration completely. One scene has a connection with another and the screenplay is neatly knitted together that makes the game interesting. The ensemble set of writers including Rakshit Shetty should be applauded for writing a fascinatingly interesting story that is fresh and quirky.

The quirkiness in the writing has been executed with the same amount of essence. The way the protagonist cracks the code to find the treasure is very interesting and it keeps you glued. A film of this grandness is exciting to watch on the big screen and it has been possible only because of the sheer focus and conviction of the entire team. The film makes the audience involved in the guessing game and it makes you brainstorm on what could have happened. Director Sachin Ravi garners attention with a fantastic making and a very honest execution and he is surely here to stay.

There are certain dips at places which you cannot avoid, but those lows are later saved by a mass theatre moment or an engagingly interesting scene. The runtime is probably one of the negatives and with a wise use of scissors in the edit table, things would have been better. If you demand logic in certain places, there are chances of you not enjoying the film as much as others did. A few questions have been left unanswered but on a larger picture, it doesn’t sound complainable.

The cinematography is fantastic and the colour tone is maintained neatly throughout the film. The framing and the establishment shots show the aesthetic sense of the cinematographer Karm Chawla. Though the songs don’t stand long, Ajaneesh Loknath’s background score elevates the overall mood of the scene and acts as strong support. The costume department and production design team need to be lauded for the perfection in their works as we are completely made to believe the atmosphere in the fantasy village of Amaravati. The stunt director executes his work neatly and the action moves are quite interesting to watch.