Adithya Varma Movie Review (2019)


Adithya Varma Tamil reviews Dhruv Vikram Chiyaan

Adithya Varma Movie Review

Adithya Varma Movie Cast & Crew

Production : E4 Entertainment
Director : Gireesaaya
Music Director : Radhan

Dhruv Vikram's much-awaited silver screen debut, Adithya Varma has finally hit the screens amidst good expectations from the youngsters. How has the film fared and is Adithya Varma the right launch pad for Dhruv? Read on for the review.

Being the official remake of Vijay Deverakonda's Arjun Reddy, we know the premise of the film. A short-tempered Adithya Varma (Dhruv) falls in love with a very innocent and subtle Meera (Banita Sandhu) at first sight. The highs and lows the couple face in their love journey forms the plot. Dhruv couldn't have asked for a better debut than Adithya Varma for the sheer fact that it has given him the scope to showcase his potential as an actor. This is not an easy character to pull off and Dhruv has justifiably done a great job in his first film. Kollywood can definitely expect a new 'Chiyaan' in the form of Dhruv. He is full of energy and charm and his screen presence is sure to be enjoyed especially by the women. His voice is an additional asset to the young man. Dhruv's performance as Adithya Varma is possibly one of the best debuts in Kollywood's recent history. Welcome to Tamil cinema, Dhruv!

Banita Sandhu has showcased a neat performance and her chemistry with Dhruv works. Priya Anand gets very brief screen time and she has delivered what was expected of her. However, one would feel that the makers could have utilized her more. Anbu Thaasan, as a friend, has got a few things right and has missed out on a few. Leela Samson, despite appearing only for two to three scenes, leaves a lasting impression with her beautiful performance. When the words "Suffering is very personal, let him suffer"come from her, it makes so much sense and gives more meaning to the narrative.

As far as the screenplay is concerned, Adithya Varma is mostly a frame to frame remake, except for the song visuals. The makers have indeed reduced the sexual content, compared to the original, for the Tamil audiences. The film is engaging, thanks to the convincing performances that keep the proceedings going. The second half does have pacing issues, but in the larger picture, it might not seem as a major complaint. Despite getting an 'A' certificate, the makers had to go for mutes on the cuss words and it impacts the intensity and rawness of the film. Adithya Varma is a very safe remake and if you liked the original, you will definitely enjoy this one as well.

Debutante director Gireesaaya has gotten most things spot on. Having worked in Arjun Reddy as an associate director, he's got the mood and the essence right. Radhan has retained a majority of the Arjun Reddy score for Adithya Varma and it works in the movie’s favour. 'Edharkadi' and 'Yaen Ennai Pirindhaai' songs stand out in delivering the emotions right. Ravi K Chandran's visuals enrich the quality of the film and the compositions are neat and beautiful. The ace lensman brings his expertise into play and it has been well-executed.

Having taken a solid 10 months off his flourishing career only to focus on giving his son a dream debut, Chiyaan Vikram who has supervised and masterminded every aspect of this film, must be a very happy man as Adithya Varma succeeds in what it intends to.

Verdict: Dhruv shines with a top-class performance in this intense romantic drama!

Galatta Rating: ( 3 /5.0 )

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