Director - Rohin Venkatesan

Starcast - Kalaiyarasan, Sshivada, Janani Iyer, Bala Saravanan

Adhe Kangal is a story that revolves around a chef and restaurateur named Varun (Kalai) who falls 'blindly' in love with Deepa (Sshivada). What follows is a romantic thriller with interesting twists and turns!

Thumbs up:

• The lead cast has given a good performance and Sshivada has made the most of the strong role given to her.

• Ghibran's background score is something that we loved!

• Bala Saravanan's role and comedy has worked out well and we laughed out loud for his scenes.

• The thriller has managed to be unpredictable and fresh.

Thumbs down:

• The film slows down at certain parts. It could have been paced better.


Adhe Kangal is a well-plotted thriller that will keep you engaged!