Director Alphonse Puthren's Gold is set for its grand theatrical release on September 8 and the fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing the film on the big screen. The promotions are expected to begin in full swing very soon and we are just a week away from the d-day. However, a section of media reports state that there are chances of the film getting postponed to a later date since the movie is yet to be completely ready. Let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for further updates. But, some interesting promotional strategies are planned to be carried out by the team and here are the details about it.

If things go as per plan, Gold will not have any trailer release prior to the movie. Neither will there be a new teaser release. A special promo song (something like 'Pistah' from Neram) will be the only visuals that we will be seeing before the film's release and there won't be any teaser or trailer. This, in a way, makes the audiences go to the theatres with an open mind with zero idea about the film's setting and its characters. Usually, a teaser or trailer is released to gain buzz on social media and to prepare the audience for a particular style of viewing. But when the audiences are not shown any visuals from the film and are directly shown the film, it is sure to offer several surprises and it looks like Alphonse Puthren wants to create that magic.

This strategy is something that many filmmakers and actors can try out with their respective films and it is sure to be the x-factor. A smaller film will probably need a teaser or trailer to create buzz about the film, but when you have branded names that can pull the audiences to the theatres irrespective of the content, you can confidently release the film directly in theatres without any promotional tease. Alphonse Puthren has earned a following for himself through films like Neram and Premam and people will look forward to watching the film even if there is no trailer. Prominent filmmakers who enjoy a good fan base and brand value can implement this strategy and this also, in a way, is promotion. Gold stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Nayanthara in the lead roles and has music composed by Rajesh Murugesan.