Chiyaan Vikram and son Dhruv Vikram starrer Mahaan is scheduled to release on 10th February on Amazon Prime Video. The film has been highly anticipated for a very long time but had been getting postponed frequently in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The film is expected to follow a man whose family leaves him when he strays from a path of ideological living in his search for personal freedom. But as he realizes his ambitions, he misses the presence of his son in his life. The story is about how his life goes through an unexpected series of events in this thrilling, action-packed journey.

Dhruv Vikram has donned the role of Dada, an undercover cop. So we can only wait and see how that goes. Even in films that fell short of expectations in terms of the story or execution, Vikram kept the audiences hooked with his incredible screen presence and earnest performances. This has kept him in the spotlight no matter these drawbacks. It’s been two and a half years since his last release and he is back stronger than ever in the much anticipated Mahaan directed by Karthik Subbaraj. Subbaraj’s previous venture was Jagame Thandhiram which was also an OTT release (via Netflix).

We get to see a real-life father-son duo on the screen for the first time and it has got the audience on the edge of their seats. Joining the movie is every 90s kid’s dream girl Simran whose presence can never go unnoticed. The current generation of millennials also get a visual treat of watching Vani Bhojan join the club in this flick. Santhosh Narayanan who has been Karthik Subbaraj’s go-to person for music composition ever since his first movie is expected to strike gold once again. It is highly plausible that this dynamic duo will work their magic again as they always have.

The movie has enough pulse already and has garnered the attention of many cinema lovers and especially Vikram fans, as it marks his return after 2.5 years. The wait is getting unbearable as we know so much about the film already.