Divya Sathyaraj, daughter of acclaimed veteran actor Sathyaraj, is one of India's leading nutritionists and is set to enter politics next month Recently, she was trolled for a couple of photos she had posted on Instagram, following which she has now issued a strong response. Divya gave a stern reply stating, "I read a lot of vulgar and rude comments about my recent photos. Several people have stated that an aspiring politician should be seen in a cotton saree. As a Periyarist, I strongly believe that women's freedom is a sign of social freedom. Every woman should have the right to wear what she wants. I will be joining politics soon. I will selflessly work for the health and happiness of my people in Tamil Nadu. I request people not to judge me for what I wear." 

Divya Sathyaraj, who serves as an ambassador of the non-profit organization, Akshaya Patra, has conducted several vitamin awareness camps for Tamil people living in refugee camps over the years. She also started the Mahilmadhi movement in mid-2020 as an effort to tackle the issues related to malnutrition among people belonging to the lower strata of society. Various areas in Chennai were identified as part of the movement where there was a lack of access and awareness of nutritious food, with focused interventions also set up to help and improve their living conditions. She said at the time, "Our team’s activities will include promoting awareness on the importance of nutrition as well as distributing hygienic and healthy food free of cost, to those in need. I was looking for a Tamil name for my movement when I came across the name ‘Mahilmadhi’ in ancient Tamil literature, I thought it was perfect. The words can be translated to literally mean a ‘happy mind’ and food, more than anything is a foundation for happiness. The word also encompasses my mother’s name, Maheshwari. Although I am looking at a journey in politics, 'Mahilmadhi Iyakkam' is not a political party. This is a movement of volunteers who have come together to help those in need irrespective of caste, creed or religion."