After meeting high expectations and obliterating the box office, Matt Reeves' The Batman managed to evoke great satisfaction from everyone all over the world (except for those living in Russia). The movie starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader failed to disappoint its audience with its powerful performance, carefully thought out story, and a great all-around cast including the likes of Zoe Kravitz, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, John Turturro, and Jeffrey Wright.

For those who missed out on DC’s latest version of The Batman in theaters or simply don’t feel like spending three hours with strangers in a dark room, fret not. Prior to the film's release, it was announced that the film would only run in theatres for 45 days after which it will be made available to stream on HBO Max for everyone to watch at their leisure anywhere anytime. With that being said, WarnerMedia has announced that the film will release on the OTT Platform on April 18th.

The Batman managed to cross $735 million at the worldwide box office last weekend which is an impressive feat considering the turbulent pandemic times that we live in. Though being a standalone film and separate from its DC counterparts, The Batman has already kickstarted a universe that is set to feature a Penguin-centered spin-off TV series, and an additional spin-off series focused on Arkham Asylum.

The Batman revolves around Bruce Wayne in his second year of fighting crime in the city of Gotham as the infamous vigilante. As he uncovers a deep web of corruption within the city, Batman finds himself challenged by the serial killer Riddler, who is targeting Gotham's most elite citizens, including Wayne himself, in a desire to expose dark secrets from their pasts. In order to stop the cryptic maniacal killer, Batman must forge new alliances with those in Gotham's seedy underworld, including Catwoman, and those seeking to make a difference in the city, namely Gotham City Police Lieutenant Jim Gordon.