he Batman hit screens on March 4th and has left a massive impact around the world. It has been well-received among critics and fans given the character's protected and revered legacy, which has long existed for more than 80 years. The film took everyone by surprise as it was not the same old Batman tale that shows us his backstory and how he transforms into his alter-ego. Instead, it focuses on him being the world's greatest detective as DC intended him to be as a part of their DETECTIVE COMICS.

With The Batman taking the world by storm, a new behind-the-scenes video from the film has been surfaced. It shows Gotham City and the characters we have never seen before. The video shows Matt Reeves talking about his version of the film explaining that his story is a very psychological one and showing Robert Pattinson as Batman / Bruce Wayne trying to cope with whatever happened to him as a child. The actors all commend Matt Reeves as a director and his ability to shoot this dark and gritty film. Matt explains that he did not want to do an origin tale since it has been portrayed countless times in various ways, but instead wanted to show the Caped Crusader in his initial phases when he has not even figured out his true self. This is more of a psychological investigation of a character, who is caught in his own moral maze. The whole cast gives insight into their characters and how it was working on the film as well as showing some behind-the-scenes footage and the making of the film.

The Batman focuses on Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman, who is into his second year of crime-fighting in Gotham City and is fighting to stop a new threat in the form of a serial killer, who calls himself The Riddler (Paul Dano), who is targeting the elite members of the city. Along his journey, he is joined by Selina Kyle, AKA Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) and Detective James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) as his only allies.