Films and reality have always gone in close adherence, where realness inspires the celluloid drama and sometimes, the incidents that happen in a fictional flick becomes a reality surprising the world. Our very own ‘Kanaa’ has found such a similar incidence, which is doing greater rounds on social media hubs now. It’s all about Former South African Wicketkeeper Mark Boucher, officially appointed as the new head coach of South African Cricket Team. It is worth mentioning that he had his retirement from International Cricket in 2019 after a serious eye injury during a game as wicket keeper. It left the Netizens and Twitteratis to instantly connect it with the fictional characterization of Sivakarthikeyan in ‘Kanaa’, where he comes back as a coach of Indian Women Cricket Team after his retirement from the game due to eye injury. 
 aishwarya rajeshkanaa remake aishwarya rajeshMark Boucher
Kanaa has to be special film for Sivakarthikeyan has it marked the production debut for the star actor. He launched his close friend Arunraja Kamaraja has a director and to sum it up the film turned out to do exceptionally well at the box office. It was even remade in Telugu with Aishwarya Rajesh and Sivakarthikeyan reprising their respective roles in the remake as well. Films that are made with close to reality subjects not only connects well with the audience but also has a better shelf life. We wish both Arunraja and Sivakarthikeyan continue to make that noteworthy attempts in the futures as well.
aishwarya rajeshkanaa remakekanaa remakekanaa