Singaporean actress Kimberly Chia, known for starring in films like It's a Great, Great World, Timeless Love and Imperfect, surprised fans with the announcement of her marriage, while also revealing that she is expecting a baby. The 26-year-old actress dropped the big news via an Instagram video on Friday (22 October) informing fans that she met her husband, a 34-year-old businessman, eight or nine years ago and were friends first. Chia said she will not be revealing further information about him at this point as "he would rather keep a low profile." The couple decided to take their relationship ahead and got married to "move on to the next step of life." She added, "He’s a really nice guy. He treats me really well. He’s very kind. He always makes me laugh. I’m very lucky." 

Kimberly Chia, who has also garnered a huge popularity in television in shows like Fighting Spiders, Be Happy, A Song to Remember, Tanglin and Say Cheese, posted a couple of photos with her husband on Facebook, without revealing his face. Sharing photos of their wedding bands, the actress wrote, "Earlier this year, I said YES and I DO to the love of my life. We couldn’t hold a big wedding party due to Covid so we held an intimate one for family and it was the happiest day ever. And now, I’ve never felt luckier to find out that I’m expecting the biggest joy of my life to come soon." Chia has stated that her husband had back in the day proposed to her on the first day of Chinese New Year after which they registered their marriage. The couple had put off plans to hold a "big wedding party" due to the pandemic and instead opted for a "small intimate one for family." 

Speaking to in a WhatsApp interview, Kimberly Chia also dropped another major news telling that she's going to be a mum soon. "I’m very excited. I’m not a very pantang (superstitious) person, so I wanted to share the news with you guys as soon as I found out," she said. Chia added that she feels lucky to be married and is looking forward to having a family of her own. Upon being asked how she felt seeing the ultrasound scan, the actress stated, "I was very touched. When I saw my baby moving, I was overcome by my emotions and cried. [The foetus is] so cute!"