Silambarasan TR's highly-anticipated Maanaadu directed by Venkat Prabhu under producer Suresh Kamatchi's V House Productions is gearing up for a massive worldwide release on November 25. However, the film has run into an unexpected obstacle after the Tamil Nadu government on Sunday issued new orders for audiences to carry a copy of their COVID-19 vaccination certificates before entering the theatres and multiplex halls. The state government has issued a directive to all the cinema hall owners to instruct their patrons to not allow any individuals inside without their vaccination certificates. The order further states that people who have been vaccinated with the first dose of their vaccine and those who are in the waiting period for the second dose will be permitted inside the theatre hall, while also adding that the restrictions won't be applicable to individuals below the age of 18. This latest order has left producer Suresh Kamatchi displeased, who on Monday expressed his dissatisfaction in a detailed statement, while also requesting the state government to allow all those who come to watch films in theatres without the necessity of providing a vaccination certificate. 

Suresh Kamatchi wrote, "Vaccination drives in Tamil Nadu are being exercised in an exceptional manner by the state government. People are wearing masks and using sanitisers as a means of protecting themselves from the virus. However, the decision to only allow persons who have gotten vaccinated inside cinema halls will be a big blow to the theatre and film industry. People who do not possess an android phone will also be coming to theatres. And, if they are asked to produce their vaccination certificates, it will only make them turn back. There is also a likelihood that they will not return to cinema halls if they are asked to go back. I humbly request you to allow everyone, including those who will be getting vaccinated, to enter theatres and cinema halls just as those below the age of 18 have been granted permission." 

Below is Maanaadu producer Suresh Kamatchi's statement: