It's a special day today (February 3) for all Silambarasan TR fans all over the world and for the actor himself as it is his birthday. His fans are already out and about celebrating the evocative actor's big day. STR enthusiasts are looking forward to get some updates on his upcoming films- Pathu Thala, Corona Kumar, and Vendhu Thanindhadhu Kaadu.

Silambarasan TR AKA Simbu is a very popular name in the Southern film industry and the multi-talented star is known for his acting, directing, writing, composing, dancing, and playback singing. Simbu started his acting career as a child artist under his father's guidance. With that being said and a line of films awaiting release on his disposal, let us look at and reminisce some of his best works, as an actor (in no particular order) :-

1) KOVIL: 
He plays the character Sakthivel, a college student who eventually falls in love with Angel, a girl who attends the same college. His acting is enthralling and plays his role with great restraint and maturity.

Simbu plays a dual role for the first time in his career and absolutely nails it. One character is that of Madhan Kumar, an auditor by day and mentally disturbed player serial killer at night under the pseudonym Manmadhan. The other character he plays is his twin brother Madhan Raj, an emotional and sentimental person. STR was also responsible for writing the script and co-directing the film.

Simbu plays an orphan who is taken under the wing of a local gangster after gaining his attention. His realistic performance in the movie proved that he was more than just a commercial hero. This is also the first time in his career to take up the role of a gangster.

STR plays Karthik, an engineering graduate who aspires to become a filmmaker. We see Simbu in a completely different persona in comparison to his other films and steals the show. He brings a quiet and steely resolve to his character which grows on you. His dancing skills were also put to good use and his overall performance in every aspect is at the right pace. VTV is definitely a milestone for him.

Simbu plays Cable Raja in this flick. He fakes his status in front of his girlfriend who believes him to be stinking rich just as she is since it is the only way to gain her family's consent to marry her. He embodies the character as a slum dweller to perfection proving once again that he can play varied roles.

In this movie, Simbu plays an animation artist, Arjun. His acting is amazing as he adds some of his real life attitude to his character. The role suits him well and he plays with a lot of conviction.

Simbu plays the role of Rajinikanth whose name is kept under wraps until the very end of the movie. Upon its reveal it made a great impact on the film as the mystery behind his name was teased all through the movie's run time. He gives a solid performance and is one actor who did really well in this fitting character. Simbu did a commendable job.

Simbu plays Ethirajan “Ethi” Senapathi, a nonchalant drug and gun runner, who is in a squabble with his two brothers over who gets ownership of their father's criminal empire following his sudden death. He delivered a mature performance, making his first collaboration with master filmmaker Mani Ratnam, a memorable one.

He takes on the role of Abdul Khaliq, an NRI. His hard work is evident on screen and his transformation for the film stands as a corroboration. He is very natural and cake walks his character as usual. It was also great of him to underplay at some of the highlight moments in the film.