Actor Shruti Haasan recently took to social media to reveal her ordeal battling Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Endometriosis. In a lengthy note, she shared that although she is experiencing the worst hormonal imbalances, she refuses to look at her situation as a fight. She also mentions that she has decided to face her bloating and metabolic challenges as a natural movement that will involve her eating right, sleeping well and enjoying her workout session.

With her opening up, media outlets have taken this information provided by the actress herself and have blown it way out of proportion by adding a little spice to it. With a clear-cut message from her, the outlets have instead stirred things up by saying that Shruti Haasan is very unwell and in a critical condition hanging on to dear life.

Reading this, fans of the actress got really worried and started expressing their grief and love for the actress. Haasan picked this unnatural reaction up in its early stages and decided to extinguish these rumors and clarify what she had actually meant. Therefore, she recorded a video of herself talking about the current situation and notifying her viewers that there is nothing to be worried about as the media says they should be.

In the video, Shruti says, "Hi to everyone from gorgeous Hyderabad where I am working nonstop and having the best time. Just wanted to clarify, I put up a post couple of days ago about my workout routine and having PCOS which a lot of women have. Yes, it is challenging. But no, it does not mean I am unwell or in critical condition of any kind. I have realized some media news outlets have blown it way out of proportion without reading the actual post which is supposed to be positive. But, I also got calls today asking if I am admitted in the hospital which I am clearly not. I am doing perfectly fine. I have had PCOS for years and I have been doing just fine. So, thank you for your concern." She also says whatever to the people who completely blew this matter out of proportion and that it was a weird day to clarify this. She ends the video by asking her views to have a good day.

Check it out:

Actress @shrutihaasan slashes out baseless rumours on her health issues and confirms that she is hale and healthy.

Check out her video statement.#ShrutiHaasan

— sridevi sreedhar (@sridevisreedhar) July 5, 2022