The entire world has witnessed over the year the effects of the deadly novel coronavirus as more than 1 million people have succumbed to the disease, with over thirty six million positive cases recorded so far. As scientists around the world continue to put in their best efforts to find a cure for COVID-19, governments, health departments, doctors, paramedics, nurses and all medical staff have been working day and night to help those afflicted with the infection. At such dire times, many from various walks of life have also gone out of the way to lend as much support and help to those in need. 

Likewise, popular actress Shikha Malhotra made headlines earlier this year when she volunteered as a nurse at an isolation ward for coronavirus patients at the Balasaheb Thackeray Trauma Centre in Mumbai's Jogeshwari region. She completed her graduation in nursing and is registered as a B.Sc. Honors nurse from Delhi's Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital. Having said that, Shikha, who has been working on the frontlines of the pandemic, has now been admitted to a hospital after testing positive for coronavirus and is currently undergoing treatment. Sharing a picture of herself in treatment, she has informed her followers to stay safe during this time and to not take any chances against the disease, which is affecting people with the passing of each day. 

Shikha Malhotra's statement is as follows: "*Tested Positive* #Admitted. Right now, I feel the shortage of oxygen. This post is for those who say corona is nothing. #serving #continuously from past 6 months with all of your best wishes and prayers. All your prayers kept me safe at the battlefield and I have complete faith that I will soon recover thanks to your wishes. As no vaccine has been found yet, keep yourself and your loved ones safe, wear a mask, wash your hands on a regular basis, don't forget to use sanitiser. Jai Hind! #coronafighternurse #shikhamalhotra #versatile #actress #coronawarriorsindia".


*Tested Positive* #Admitted अभी oxygen की कमी महसूस हो रही है 🥺 पोस्ट उनके लिए जो कहते हैं कोरोना कुछ नहीं 😷 #serving #continuously from past 6 months with all of your best wishes and prayers 👩🏻‍⚕️🇮🇳 आप सभी की दुआएँ ने छ: महिने तक जंग के मैदान में सलामत रखा और मुझे पूरा भरोसा है की अब भी आप सब की दुआओं से ही मैं जल्द स्वस्थ हो जाऊँगी 💝 अभी तक कोई vaccine तैयार नहीं हुई है तो अपना व अपने प्रियजनों का ख़्याल रखें, मास्क पहनना, नियमित रूप से हाथ बार बार धोना, sanitiser का इस्तेमाल करना न भूले 🙏🏻 असीम प्रेम व सम्मान के लिए आभार 🙌🏻💫 जय हिंद 🇮🇳 #coronafighternurse #shikhamalhotra #versatile #actress #coronawarriorsindia

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Apart from serving as a nurse, Shikha Malhotra has given notable performances in a few big Bollywood films such as Taapsee Pannu's Running Shaadi, while also being seen in Shah Rukh Khan's Fan in 2016. She also earned tremendous appreciation for her performance in the Hindi film, Kaanchli Life in a Slough