The Mersal fever has begun on Facebook and the awesome Chatbot AI is making new posters for every Thalapathy fan out there with their names written on the bottom along with best wishes. The innovative idea has instantly gone viral. But, there’s a surprise behind it.

Visakha Singh, the Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya girl is the braindchild of the chat AI. She’s got a techie entrepreneur side that Tamil fans know little of until now.

Visakha in association with her business partners in Vienna has developed the ICONICbot which is designed to help celebrities stay in touch with their fans in real time. She is already producing two films in Hindi and also plays a role in Fukrey Returns.

Way to go, Vishaka – on behalf of millions of hardcore Thalapathy fans who received the personalized Mersal message on Independence day eve!