Malayalam actresses Saniya Iyappan and Grace Antony are busy with the promotions of their upcoming film titled Saturday Night. During the promotional activities, both actresses had an unpleasant experience after some guy misbehaved with them they were sexually harassed at  at Kerala's Kozhikode HiLITE Mall. Both actresses took to social media and shared this devastating experience on how they were manhandled during the event. 

Sharing their ordeal on social media, Saniya wrote, "So I and my movie team were promoting our new movie 'Saturday Night' at a mall in Calicut. The promotion events went well across all the places in Calicut and thanks to the love from the people of Calicut. The event at the mall was extremely packed with people and the security was struggling to handle and maintain the crowd. After the event, I and one of my co-stars were leaving and some guy misbehaved with my colleague, and she didn't even get a chance to see or react because of the rush and the crowd. After that, I also encountered a similar act of misogyny and I reacted to it in shock as you've watched in the video. I wish no one has to face this kind of unwanted trauma in their life, for violence against women there will be consequences and actions against these misogynistic individuals." Check it out: 

Saniya referred to the video that has now gone viral on the internet, in which she can be seen hitting a man as the crowd mobbed her. Grace also shared a similar note in Malayalam which was shared by Saniya. She had mentioned how she was ‘grabbed’ by someone from the crowd.


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This is not the first time that the mall has such a incident take place there. Earlier in August, the same mall made headlines after the team of Tovino Thomas' Thallumaala was prevented from entering the mall, let alone hold the event.