Yogi Babu who generally makes the headlines for his funny one-liners has been the talk of the town for 2 days because of a rumour speculated online. A picture of Yogi Babu with actress Sabbita Roi with the caption, ‘My life partner,’ has gone viral on social media. Yogi Babu took to his Twitter space to clarify that the photo was taken long back and he is not in a relationship. Now Sabbita has used her Facebook account to register her comments. 

“For the past two days, my names have been trending on all social platforms. My name has been linked with comedian Yogi Babu. Rumors state that I am in a relationship with Yogi Babu, it is speculated that we are already married. I am not even sure of how to react to this issue. Whether to cry or feel sad or angry. Yogi Babu took to his Twitter space to deny this news and my fans have been questioning me on why I have been silent all this while. The reason for this video is for all those fans who were expecting a reply from me. Yes, what Yogi Babu said is completely true, I am not in a relationship with Yogi Babu, I have worked with him in a film called Kanni Raasi. That is the first time I had worked with him and the photo that’s been circulated online was taken during the shooting of Kanni Raasi. I really like Yogi Babu as an actor and comedian but there is nothing between us other than that. I don’t even know how that photo got leaked now. I have acted in 3 films with Yogi Babu after Kanni Raasi, I played his wife in Lisa, then there two other unreleased films like Cocktail and Rajavamsam. I request everyone to not believe in such fake news. There are other burning issues that need to be addressed. Please don’t give importance to this fake news.”