Earlier, it was reported that S.J. Suryaah's upcoming movie Isai was about the rift that arises between a well-established veteran music director, and a young and upcoming composer, when the former is challenged by the latter! As soon as this was made public, speculations that the established composer was Ilaiyaraaja and the young composer was A.R. Rahman, and that Isai is the story of the rift between these two, started doing the rounds! However, S.J. Suryaah has come out and clarified that Isai is not about the rift between the maestro and the Mozart of Madras, but a general story that depicts a challenge between an old and a young composer! He also added that instances like this have been there in the industry since time immemorial, right from the days of K.V. Mahadevan, M.S. Vishwanathan, to Ilaiyaraaja! Guess we have to wait for the movie, to know more about it!