Ever since its release on 25 March 2022, S. S. Rajamouli's magum opus RRR starring Ram Charan and Jr. NTR has been dominating the box office. The film went on to break multiple records all the while creating many more in the process. RRR has been widely accepted by people both nationally and internationally as one of the best movies to be churned out of the Indian film industry.

The film is packed with memorable moments and a lot of scenes that give goosebumps to the audience. One such scene is the opening scene to the introduction of Komaram Bheem, played by Jr. NTR, where he takes down a tiger. It is a powerful scene that shows the might and power of his character but what stands out the most is how the entire sequence is shot. Everyone watching knows that the scenes are made with the help of visual effects. However, it is interesting how such an engaging and thrilling scene is created with the tiger looking so realistic.

The visual effects supervisor of RRR, Srinivas Mohan, shared the video of the visual effects breakdown on his official Twitter handle. He shared the video of its making which features the original cut and the theatrical cut side-by-side for us to see it ourselves and compare. Along with the video he wrote a caption that read, "RRR - Bheem Capturing the Tiger - Vfx Breakdown. Vfx done by @MPCVFX ". Check out the video here:

RRR - Bheem Capturing the Tiger - Vfx Breakdown.
Vfx done by @MPCVFX @ssrajamouli @tarak9999 @mmkeeravaani @DOPSenthilKumar @sabucyril @sreekar_prasad #KingSolmon @RRRMovie pic.twitter.com/VgOpEW4pDJ

— Srinivas Mohan (@srinivas_mohan) July 19, 2022

In this sequence, the tiger in reality is actually a man in a blue suit for compositing purposes as he enacts the tiger trying to leap, bite, claw and gash at him. Everything from the tiger, to the net that is trapped in, to its shadows and parts of the background are all done digitally to perfection that it just ends up looking very authentic and real. This is a milestone for VFX in India and this is the first time something this advanced has been projected on the screen.

Srinivas Mohan and team and his team were responsible for all the VFX work done in RRR. This also includes the epic train blast scene as well as the palace entry scene. The Srinivas Mohan team understood the ideas in Rajamouli’s mind and formed them into visual effects.