The Kirumi actress Reshmi Menon, is all set for her upcoming project Bayma Irukku. Touted to be a romantic drama revolving around a husband and wife, this film has Santhosh Prathap of Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam fame playing the husband's role. It may be recollected that the actress appeared as a wife in her last outing Kirumi as well. The film has been primarily shot at a huge bungalow in Kerala. In an interview, the actress said that it was challenging to shoot the film. "The path to reach the bungalow was a tiring travel as there were no proper roads," said the actress. The film is currently on the verge of completion. On the other side, there are rumours that the film is likely to be a bi-lingual in Tamil and Malayalam. Let's wait and watch!