Rajinikanth's Annaatthe is scheduled to release in theatres on November 4 and the film is expected to take a phenomenal opening at the box office. Produced by Sun Pictures and directed by Siva, the film will release on the said date on a record number of screens. Ahead of the film's release, the first ever review of Annaatthe is out and it has excited the fans and film buffs. The first review of Annaatthe has come from Rajinikanth's grandson, Ved and the legendary actor expressed his happiness about it recently. Rajinikanth's daughter, Soundarya Rajinikanth recently started a social media voice app called Hoote and Rajinikanth launched the app through his voice note.

Having said that, in a recent voice note that Rajinikanth posted on his official Hoote account, he opened up about his experience watching Annaatthe with his grandson Ved for the first time. Talking about it in the audio, Rajinikanth said, "Ever since the teaser of Annaatthe was released, my third grandson Ved (Soundarya Rajinikanth's son) had been asking me to show the film. I promised him that I would show him the film once it is ready. Owing to my grandson's request, I asked Siva to get the film ready as soon as possible. On October 27th around 6 - 6.15 PM, a special screening of Annaatthe happened at Sun Network office. My other grandsons, Yatra and Linga are in Kodaikanal as their father (Dhanush) is shooting for a film there and so they were not informed about this screening.

Me along with my whole family saw the film and Ved wanted to sit next to me and watch the film. Annaatthe is the first film of mine that he has watched in a theatre and I am sure the experience would have been memorable for him. After the film ended, Ved hugged me tight for 3 - 4 minutes. He expressed his happiness and said, 'Thathu.. Thathu.. I am very happy. Thank you so much'. Hearing those words from him, I felt so happy and complete". Well, the first review of Annaatthe has turned out to be positive and we will get to know the public's reaction towards the film on November 4.