Prema Pipasi is an upcoming Telugu romantic comedy drama directed by Murali Ramaswamy. The film is jointly produced by Rahul Bhai Media, Durgasri Films and PS Ramakrishna. Prema Pipasi features the likes of GPS, Kapilakshi Malhotra, Sonakshi Varma in the lead roles. This is Ramakrishna’s first film as a producer. Apparently, he has an eye for detailing so we can expect the final product to be gripping and interesting. The movie is currently under post-production stage and will release very soon.  
 Prema PipasiPrema PipasiPrema PipasiPrema Pipasi
Jyothi Rajput, Mamatha Sri Choudhary, Ankitha, Sanjana Choudhary, Suman, Bhargav, Shaking Sheshu, Jabardast Rajamouli are among the other artists to feature in the film. Apart from directing the film, Murali Ramaswamy has also written the dialogues and screenplay for the project. Music director R takes care of the tunes for this project while Thirumala Rodriguez handles the cinematography and SJ Shiva Kiran is in charge of the editing. Check out the trailer now: