In a big relief for popular actress Gehana Vasisth, the Supreme Court on Wednesday granted her interim bail from an arrest in connection with the pornography films case and issued a statement on to the media on Thursday afternoon. After her appearance before the Property Cell of the Mumbai Crime Branch, the actress stated that she will seek justice next. She said, "I don't understand what kind of a joke this is. It is common knowledge that it is wrong to file a case as you all saw the FIR. Despite this, they proceeded with the case. However, I am grateful to the Supreme Court for granting me relief in this case. I now have interim bail and am hopeful that I will get an anticipatory bail next."

Speaking about getting bail from the Supreme Court after she met with no success from other courts, Gehana said, "I am appearing here before you all to give you my statement. I have been framed because I have been speaking to the media and everyone knows this. A one-sided case was being pursued by the police as I stuck to my story and that is when they filed a case against me. I have all the necessary proof that I was framed, including raw footage and the CBI has it too."

Gehana Vasisth, who has made appearances most notably in Hindi and Telugu films, had some time back claimed that she had never lured anybody with money to be filmed in "obscene videos" or committed any fraud. It was alleged that Vasisth was the director of porn films and a woman had filed a complaint stating that she was persuaded to act in the videos, which were uploaded on a mobile phone application. On Wednesday, Vasisth took to Instagram and wrote, "Hon. Supreme Court of India has allowed my Interim Application of Bail with a condition to attend Investing Authority when required so I am appearing before the Investigation Agency i.e. Property Cell, Byculla tomorrow 23rd September, 2021 at 11AM for my statement. 

Lashing out at the investigating agencies, Gehana Vasisth told the media on Thursday morning, "Just because one calls a film porn doesn't make it porn. Once the case opens, I will produce all my proof. As of now, the battle is about them taking me into custody. When my case comes up for hearing, everyone will know the truth about how I was being framed into false narratives." The popular actress has also stated that she will be filing cases against those who tried to frame her and take legal action. "To all those women who celebrated for filing cases against me, I would like to inform that I will fight to the end until the complete truth comes out. I am also going to file defamation cases against these women to teach them a lesson on the consequences of filing false cases against people."