Prashanth Neel's pan-Indian magnum opus KGF: Chapter 2 took the whole country by storm. The film went on to break multiple records at the box office all the while making its own records on the way. KGF: Chapter 2 set certain milestones throughout its run and put the Indian film industry, but more importantly the Kannada film industry on the global map. The hype around the movie has been everlasting ever since the release of its first installment, KGF: Chapter 1 which was released back in 2018.

This went on a took a life of its own and grew bigger and bigger due to its vast and diverse fanbase. Their expectations were so high that once KGF: Chapter 2 came out, they were content with the film realizing all their expectations were met. But fans could not accept the fact that the franchise was finally over. Therefore rumors started circulating regarding KGF: Chapter 3. Naturally, this gained a lot of traction as people still wanted to believe that there might be a sliver of a chance for it to be true.

But once this information started making it to the big stage, it was time to put out the fire while there was still time. And that was what Karthik Gowda, the executive producer of Hombale Films, did. He took to his official Twitter handle and shared the following information - "The news doing the rounds are all speculation. With a lot of exciting projects ahead of us, we @hombalefilms will not be starting #KGF3 anytime soon. We will let you know with a bang when we start the work towards it."

This may be disheartening for many fans but it is better not to raise people's hopes and expectations, making them wait and dropping it entirely later. But a positive takeaway from this would be that KGF: Chapter 3 is not entirely lost but is just taking some time for it to make it to the big screen. So all that we need to do now is to keep calm to wait and see KGF: Chapter 3.