Cary Joji Fukunaga has been accused of sexual harassment and grooming by three women, who claim that they were targeted by the American filmmaker on separate projects. Famously known for the recent James Bond film No Time To Die, and the first season of True Detective, the 44 year old director, producer, screenwriter, and cinematographer was initially called out by the 23-year-old actor, member of Skate Kitchen, and former Dazed 100er Rachelle Vinberg. Her allegations came in response to Fukunaga’s comments on the Supreme Court’s leaked draft on overturning Roe v Wade which read, “Meanwhile, in America, the Supreme Court is about to push us one step closer to war with ourselves… by legitimising a war against women’s rights.”

She broke her silence and responded to this by writing, “So he posted this today… and it pisses me off cause he literally doesn’t care about women,” sharing a screenshot of Fukunaga’s statement. “He only traumatizes them. I’ve spoken to many girls. F**k you Cary”. Vinberg has gone on to post additional details of her relationship with Cary – including videos, and photos of the pair together – that are saved on her public Instagram, under “Cary part 1” and “Cary pt 2”. She explains that they met on a shoot when she was just 18, yet he continued to message over social media. 

Vinberg shows a tattoo Fukunaga allegedly gave her when she was 18, explaining that it’s something he likes to do as a way of “marking women”, and shares DMs with other victims who say he has done the same thing to them. Vinberg’s allegations later prompted twins Hannah and Cailin Loesch (who worked with Fukunaga on Maniac) to come forward with allegations of their own, saying they met Fukunaga when they were 20 and that he allegedly pursued them for several years after. They claimed that Fukunaga invited himself to their family home, and while sitting with them in a hot tub, asked if they’d be interested in a threesome and allegedly said that incest is okay “if all parties are okay with it". 

Fukunaga allegedly showed them No Time To Die, long before it was released to theaters. During the movie, he allegedly put his hand up underneath Cailin's skirt and massaged her gently, and pulled her on top of him with Hannah still sitting right near them. The sisters wrote, "Cailin lie there limply, just as terrified of what it would say about her if she followed his lead as it would if she didn't. Then, she climbed off. He seemed disappointed, but invited us both to 'drop acid' and do molly at his house upstate that weekend, his next plan already in motion". In October 2021, Raeden Greer accused Fukunaga of firing her from True Detective because she refused to go topless.

Cary Joji Fukunaga's representative declined to comment on the both the old and new allegations made against him.