American television personality, fashion designer, and actress Nicole Richie celebrated her 40th birthday on Tuesday, with a video of her cake-cutting celebrations now going viral on social media. In a video shared by Richie on Instagram, we see Richie’s hair catching fire as she is blowing out her birthday candles. The scary video, which has been captioned, "Well… so far 40 is", with a fire emoji, has received a staggering response from fans and celebrities, including Katy Perry reacting saying, "WAIT NO WAY WAIT OMG." In the video, we see Richie leaning over a cake to blow out the candles during the celebration, which was held by her friends and family members. Soon after her hair catches fire, we see her screaming while trying to extinguish the flames. Having said that, we also notice Richie keeping her sense of humor by saying that her 40s have started on a "lit" note. Actress and producer Ellen Pompeo too commented, inquiring whether Richie was doing fine and wrote, "HBD!!! I hope you’re okay!" Furthermore, one of Nicole's closest friends and media mogul and actress Paris Hilton wrote saying, "OMFG Happy Birthday Bill! Hope your ok! love youuuuu." However, the comment that stood out among the lot was the one made by Nicole's husband Joel Madden who said, "That's hot", with many complimenting him for his tongue-in-cheek funny response.

Nicole Richie shot to fame by starring in the hit reality TV series The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, with the show airing between 2003-07. She has also made appearances on shows like Fashion Star, Great News, Candidly Nicole and is currently serving as a judge on Making the Cut. Watch the video from Nicole Richie's 40th birthday celebrations below:


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