It has been just over 2 weeks since Prashanth Neel's magnum opus KGF: Chapter 2 hit the screens. It has since then been obliterating the box office with its pan-Indian status and all the fans the film managed to acquire with its first part KGF: Chapter 1. The film has broken multiple box office records up until this moment all the while creating new records on the way.

The film is ruling and winning every heart and the box office as well given its large-scale production and powerful performances from all its cast members. But a part of the credit also goes to the costume & makeup department of the movie without whom it would have been impossible to make the characters come to life. Acting would not have mattered if the actors did not look like their respective characters.

A new behind-the-scenes (BTS) video has been released called Route to El-Dorado (Costume & Makeup Department). This is the second official episode of this special BTS footage(s) that shows little details of the journey that made it possible in making the film as successful as it is now. The video takes you through a journey where you get to see how they made your favorite characters look the way they did in the movie.

But it does not stop there! The film being a massive production means it also has many extras in the movie. Therefore, the video does not only show how they groomed the A-list actors but also those hundred of extras who ended up playing a key role in the film as without them the film would not have attained that amount of grandeur that we were fortunate enough to experience to catch in the theatres first hand. And all the credit revolving around that goes to the super talented and awe-inspiring Costume and Makeup Department of KGF: Chapter 2.

Check out the Route To EL- Dorado Ep 2 Costume & Makeup of KGF Chapter 2 here: