Veteran Telugu superstar Nandamuri Balakrishna's collaboration with director Boyapati Srinu has spelled blockbuster success in the past on the two previous occasions when they worked in Simha and Legend. The duo's next titled Akhanda produced by Miryala Ravinder Reddy under Dwaraka Creations banner gearing up for a massive theatrical release on December 2 is creating all sorts of noise among the fans as the highly-anticipated film's action-packed trailer has now been officially released. The Akhanda trailer screams mass from start to the end and is no doubt a big treat for Balayya's fans everywhere. 

We see in the Akhanda trailer Nandamuri Balakrishna is showcased in two different avatars - one as the modern-day Balayya, while the second features NBK as an Aghora in a mass 'Oora' make-over. The visuals in the trailer build up to an epic transformation of Balayya, who takes on thugs and goons, in order to protect those in despair. Balayya faces off with Srikanth, who is the villain, while youth sensation Pragya Jaiswal, who is the heroine, charms her way on the screen. Akhanda looks to be a perfect entertainer for fans of the matinee idol, who will no doubt be looking to strike big at the box office with his upcoming mass masala action entertainer. The Akhanda trailer has shown that there will be plenty of punch dialogues for Balayya, with chart-buster composer Thaman’s thumping background score yet again proving to be a major USP. 

Watch Nandamuri Balakrishna's electrifying and action-packed Akhanda trailer below: