We have already heard of debutant director Subbu and his Sutta Kadhai. Producer Libra Productions created a rage recently by releasing the audio in Geneva. The film's story revolves around events which leads to a mess created by two cops and they end up clearing the mess with the help of a female protagonist. The two cops are ardent fans of an author of a comic book and the comic book character plays an important role in the film. Sutta Kadhai is set in the backdrop of an imaginary hill station. Balaji, Venky and Lakshmi Priya play the lead roles. Music has been composed by Harish Harz and Prashanth Techno popularly known by their stage names Madley Blues. The director himself has penned the lyrics of all the tracks. So here is the music review...

'Anbe Aaruyire' is a peppy fast-paced solo track by Harish Venkat. It's dynamic, electrifying and rocky... The singer has done a wonderful job with his whacky voice and to top of it the string and the drums make it a must-listen. A sure hit among younger generation.

Mano and Solar Sai has rendered 'Dingu Dongu', a typical Tamil Kuthu-Saraku song with a unique and refreshing treatment. The rapport between the singers are amazing and the  interludes fall on the right place.

'Kattukkulla Kannamoochi' opens with an intersting guitar notes, which is very detective-ish. Vijay Prakash, Harshitha Krishnan and Harish Venkat have crooned this jazzy number which gives several shades. The brassy instruments and the funky strings make it an interesting listen.

'Twist On Top' sung by Venky, Subu and Harish Venkat is more like a hip-hop theme, which sounds like a phone-recorded message. It's short and sleek.

'Unnai Naanum' is a solo number by Harish Venkat. Call it a rock tune or a dynamic melody as it fits both the bill perfectly. Harish's low-base voice is high on emotions.

The legendary M.S. Viswanath has sung the foot-tapping 'Yele Yele' along with Harish Venkat. It is a peppy, retro-styled funky melody and the simple language used in the lyrics is truly a treat for ears.

Newbies Harish and Prashanth have hit the right chords! Truly a trend-setter!