Actress Meena's husband Vidyasagar passed away at the age of 48 on June 28 and the news of his sudden demise has come as a big shock to many in Tamil cinema. As many fans and those in the entertainment industry continue to mourn Meena’s husband’s death, reputed choreographer Kala master, who stood as a pillar of support for the actress’ family, has now in an exclusive telephonic interview with Galatta opened up about what all had transpired at the funeral. She said, "Meena was quite adamant at performing all the formalities at her husband's funeral and she did it all bravely. We all cried since it was a tragic hour. Nainika (Meena’s daughter) did not realize what had happened till yesterday since she's only a child, but she too began to tremble after witnessing everything around her. She then became very quiet and refused to eat. We then sent her upstairs to her room and told her to relax for some time. When the time came for the last rites, I couldn't bear it because this had happened to my friend Meena. Such a fate should not come to our enemies since we all are human beings." 

Meena's husband Vidyasagar had passed away from lung-related ailments and was not due to COVID-19, which was clarified by actress Khusbhu Sundar. She informed on social media that Vidyasagar had contracted Covid-19 three months back and had since made a recovery, while requesting the public to not spread false information. Khushbu tweeted, "I very humbly request the media to be little responsible. Meena's husband had covid 3 months back. Covid worsened his lung condition. Pls do not send out a wrong message & create any kind of fear or cause flutter by saying we lost sagar to covid. Yes we need to cautious, but pls".

Listen to Kala master talk about Meena's husband Vidyasagar's funeral proceedings below: