Mani Ratnam appreciates Swati

Swati came to prominence in a Telugu-language TV programme called 'Colors'. She then went on to to do several second heroine roles, including the Venkatesh starrer Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Veerule which endured her to Telugu audiences. Her next film, Subramaniyapuram (Tamil) also spelt Subhramaniapuram,�was the surprise hit of the year, in which Swati floored audiences though she didn't mouth a lot of dialogues; her eyes�relayed her emotions loud and clear. A very difficult thing to do even for the most accomplished actors!

The latest film personality to sing Swati's praises is none other than Mani Ratnam, who took time off from his busy shooting schedule of Ashokavanam (interim title) to watch� Subramaniyapuram. The great director felt that the movie's quality, which in itself is a slice of life as it was in 1980s small town India, is enhanced by Swati's acting. Mani Ratnam felt that Swati's portrayal of an innocent girl captured the essence of the film.

After hearing Mani Ratnam's praise for her acting, Swati has been on cloud nine. Not many newcomers to the field get such high praise from a director who is a legend in his own time. So now, Swati has crossed her fingers and is hoping that she will get�a call from Mani Ratnam one day offering her a role in one of his films! wishes Swati a very successful 2009!